Feel calm, confident and empowered for one of the most meaningful events of your life. 

This is THE place for unbiased, evidence-based birth preparation resources from a doctor (and mom) who's delivered over 1,000 babies and knows how to conquer the fear surrounding birth. 

Unbiased, evidence-based birth preparation resources from a doctor (and mom!) who's delivered over 1,000 babies and knows the fear and overwhelm that come from the unknown surrounding birth.

"I avoided having certain things done during this pregnancy that I never would have known I had the power to decide upon if not for Dr. Rankins."

-Honesty M. 

The Birth Preparation Course Student

You deserve a pregnancy and birth experience that's right for you.

Hi! I'm Dr. Nicole Calloway Rankins. Board-certified, practicing OB/GYN and mom of 2 - and I empower first time moms to feel supported and prepared for pregnancy and birth.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve helped thousands of women learn how to advocate for the experience THEY want as they bring their babies into the world.

There's no 'right' or 'best' way to give birth. 

But when you’re deeply connected to YOUR values and desired birth experience, you’re less stressed and more prepared. You understand what could happen during labor, birth, and postpartum — and you know EXACTLY how to deal with it.

My life’s work is devoted to demystifying childbirth by lovingly sharing the knowledge and mindset shifts you need to be calm, confident, and empowered for your child’s birth.

Live Class

Make A Birth Plan The RIGHT Way

Hear me when I say that you need a birth plan. Making a birth plan is one of the most effective ways to have the birth you want, especially within a system that too often involves a patriarchal approach to birth, takes away power from women, and is racist. However, the way most women make a birth plan is well....wrong. (Those online templates and forms just don't work).

The All About Pregnancy & Birth Podcast

THE go to pregnancy & birth podcast with over 1 million downloads!

You're not alone in your uncertainty about this monumental life stage of pregnancy and birth. If you’re ready to replace the overwhelm of late-night Googling with expert information, engaging conversations and stories of strength and positivity from women just like you — join us. 

Praise For The Podcast

"The most helpful thing has been hearing the absolutely incredible depth of courage, perseverance, and compassion shared by many women [telling] their very personal birth experiences. Their stories have helped me find a reservoir of strength I wasn't sure I had."

-Christine S.

Get Fully Prepared For Your Beautiful Birth

"You teach in a way that provides us with enough medical knowledge to make informed decisions about our care. It is incredibly empowering."

Say goodbye to the fear of the unknown and hello to the beautiful birth experience you and your baby deserve. 

"I really love how you present factual information in a way that isn't judgmental of anyone"

-Elisabeth P.

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Make A Birth Plan The RIGHT Way

Those online templates and forms don't work!