Ep 21: Energy Coach Nicole Karon

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You might have read the title of this episode of the podcast and instantly been skeptical. I’ll go ahead and say, this episode is based on what I call, the woo woo. But it is an episode you do NOT want to miss because this stuff is important!

Expert energy coach, healer and psychic medium Nicole Karon is my guest on this episode. Even if you aren’t normally into things like meditation and visualization, trust me, you’re going to learn so much from this episode!

Nicole shares what she does, the importance of connecting with and talking to your baby, and how crucial it is to avoid negative energy during pregnancy and even after birth.

You’ll quickly see that what she talks about today, is very relatable and makes complete sense. So be sure to tune in!

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Speaker 1: Today on the podcast we have energy coach Nicole Karon.

Speaker 2: Welcome to the All About Pregnancy and Birth podcast. I'm your host Dr. Nicole Calloway Rankins, a board certified Ob Gyn, integrative health coach and creator of The Birth Preparation Course, an online childbirth education class that will leave you feeling knowledgeable, prepared, confident, and empowered going into your birth. Quick note, this podcast is for educational purposes only and it's not a substitute for medical advice. See the full disclaimer at www.ncrcoaching.com/disclaimer.

Speaker 1: Nicole R: Hello, welcome to another episode of the podcast. Thank you for being here with me today. This episode is a little different and we are taking a dip into what I call the woo woo space. Today I have on the podcast Nicole Karon. She is an energy coach, healer, life coach and psychic medium who helps mothers clean out their energy system so they feel better and most importantly can be the best mother that they can be. Nicole believes that following the heart is a requirement for motherhood and life. She also believes that using energetic principles in parenting and self development, although it's considered kind of cutting edge, it's actually something that's been around for a while. She runs a successful program, the Clearing Journey where she helps amas make major shifts in their lives to discover or rediscover who they truly are and realize their potential. She lives in sunny Tampa, Florida with her husband and her little boy.

Speaker 1: Nicole R: Now, I'm actually pretty deep I feel like, into the woo woo space. I am a regular meditator. I do yoga. I consider yoga as part of my woo woo because it helps to calm my mind and I also read lots of personal development books. The most recent book that I read was The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein, which I really enjoyed the first time I picked it up a couple of years ago. I couldn't quite get into it, but this time I breezed right through it and I enjoyed it and I've read lots of other books over the years. Now, we don't always incorporate these types of concepts into what we do in medicine, but it's actually important for your pregnancy and birth, these sort of mental health energy, things you can't quite put your finger on, but you know that are there and they're important. I consider this stuff so important for your birth that it is actually the very first lesson in my online childbirth education class, The Birth Preparation Course, the first lesson is on mindset because establishing the right mindset, that right foundation is really crucial to help you have a great experience giving birth. So in that very first lesson, I talk about mindset. I talk about meditation, I talk about visualization and how that's an important piece of your birth.

: Nicole R: So keeping those things in mind and how important they are. That's why I invited Nicole onto the podcast today and we talk about what Nicole does as an energy coach. We talk about how her work fits into traditional models of mental health care, like seeing a psychiatrist or taking medications or a counselor. We talk about how mothers change energetically during their pregnancy and what that means. We talk about how to shield yourself from a negative energy during your pregnancy and a few more things that I think you're gonna find really interesting. So definitely listen to this episode.

: Nicole R: Now to go along with this episode. I am offering you a free meditation jumpstart guide. I think meditation is so important for your health and your wellbeing. So I believe everybody should be meditating, doesn't have to be a lot. So I have this two page guide just to help you get started with meditation. If you don't already meditate, you can go to www.ncrcoaching.com/meditate and I will put that link in the show notes, pop in your email address and I will send you that two page guide to get you started with meditation. Now before we get into the episode, let me give a quick shout out to Jentri421. She left me a review on iTunes and that's j, e n t r, i,4, 2, 1, and it says this is a great podcast. The information presented is super helpful and easy to understand. It's good info from a doctor who seems very relatable and real. I highly recommend thank you so much for that. Really kind review, actually appreciate it. And I think today's episode is also going to be relatable and real. So without further ado, let's go ahead and get into the episode today with Nicole. Karen. Hey Nicole, thank you so much for being on the podcast. We are dipping into a new territory today for me for sure. And I appreciate having you here.

Speaker 3: Nicole K: Yeah, thank you so much. It's so wonderful to talk with you all.

Speaker 1: Nicole R: Yeah. So why don't we start off by having you tell us a little bit about yourself and your work and your family.

: Nicole K: Sure. So by title I am an energy healer, coach and psychic medium and I also have training in life coaching as well. So I'm pretty well rounded, but I use all of my tools when I'm working with my moms. And so, you know, what is my work? What I have is a system that helps moms feel transformed and healed and the outcome for the work is that they feel so deeply, truly confident in themselves, not like fake confidence, but like the real confidence that just kind of comes from within. And then it also makes them really comfortable and confident in their mothering abilities. So it's a real honor to work with women and help them dig out the stuff in their energy systems that don't serve down and really impact their day to day lives. And, something else. My family and I, we live here in Tampa, Florida where it's beautiful and sunny. I'm so fortunate to have that sunshine year round and I love the fact that my work, I do my work outside. It's, you know, we can talk more about my actual processing stuff, but I have the luxury of being able to go outside in the warm sunshine and do the approach, energetic protocol. You're around here. So it's, it's a perfect place and a perfect gift to have.

: Nicole R: Yeah. Well that is really nice. Really Nice. So when you work with mothers to help, well I guess, let me, let me ask this, what do you mean by energy system? Like I know I use that term energy all the time. I use it to say like the energy of the Labor Room, you know, the energy of your birth. And I can't say that I've ever quite defined it. Maybe people also, I dunno, maybe I mean it in the same way as kind of like the, the vibe or what you feel in the room. What do you mean when you say energy systems?

Speaker 3: Nicole K: So our energy system. So what you're talking about is totally like, it's a vibe, right? Like that's kind of how we sense the energy. And some people sense energy just from a feeling. And some people they feel energy or they can hear it or they can actually see it with what we might call it their third eye. But like, for example, I might see, uh, like I've been in my child's a pdf, a pediatrician's office, and I was overwhelmed by sparkles in the room. There were angels everywhere. And I, it was so distracting for me that I couldn't even hold a conversation with this dear woman. I felt so silly, but I was like, oh, talk about energy in a room. For me, what energy is, we're containers and, and our entire lives, we have built up memories and experiences and things that we've been taught and we, we hold them and sometimes they serve us really well.

Speaker 3: Nicole K: And sometimes those things actually hinder us from moving forward or moving in a new direction. Our energy can also be impacted not only by the experiences of the now and you know, our 30 or 40 years on this planet. But I also believe from our souls previous experiences where else it's been or you know, one other times it's been around. It carries those memories with them. And then also we are so fortunate that not only do we get our parents' sweet smile and beautiful eyes, but we unfortunately get some of their energetic stuff too. So when we're living in the world right now, we are living in a container that's full of ideas and beliefs and trauma and joy. And all of the stuff is in the quote container of our body or energy system. And the problem really is when we get so backed up, it gets so stopped that we can't live life in a way that feels happy anymore.

Speaker 3: Nicole K: We feel stuck. We don't know what to do. We feel disconnected. And so those are just some of the signs that our energy system, that container, is backed up, there's no flow going on. So when where I come in is I help get that flow moving again. And that's when those good feelings of connection and remembering who you are and the things that you value, that's when that all comes into play because we had just created a beautiful pathway for you to experience energy in a way that's useful to you now. We're no longer carrying all that baggage from years past that colors our experiences we have now.

Speaker 1: Nicole R: Okay. Got It. That makes a lot of sense. So what type of training have you had to do this type of work?

Speaker 3: Nicole K: So there's both book stuff and like experience. I'm a mix of both. Life experiences started over 20 years ago. I've always been a seeker of finding out, like answers the big answers for lights, questions at like the age of 13, like what child is like that, you know? And so I had always been on this quest of like trying to understand things. And then, you know, I'm always just been very much a self studier and allow my interest to take me into learning about things like quantum physics, string theory and you know, then getting formal studies with a program called Matrix energetics or regeneration. And then, you know, dabbling in other modalities of energy work and then ultimately honing in, in my own intuitive sense. And I living in that intuition, I've been able to bring out my own processes that work for me and also now for the moms that I serve. So I'm a real mix and I will never stop learning. And again, that's both through book work and through just living, experiencing. Doesn't work? Let's try something else. Always had a hunger for education.

Speaker 1: Nicole R: Yeah. So let's get this out of the way because I know people are gonna want to know how does what you do, and I know, I want to know too, how does what you do fit with more traditional models of the field of what we would say is mental health. So therapist and psychiatrist and medication.

Speaker 3: Nicole K: So I think that I would compare this as you are very much in the driver's seat. So when we are working on our energy, we are remembering bits and pieces of who we are and we are cultivating this deeper sense of knowing oneself. And I think that when you are in that spot of living life that way, you become really clear what things do you need to help you heal. And sometimes sure it might be reaching for a specific crystal, but sometimes that might be the matter of I really need to talk with a therapist about x, y, z. It's really getting the clarity to know which tool that is needed to help you move forward. So it's not a replacement. It really is this way of getting clear. So you can see all of the options on the table, you can sense which option is best for you at any given point. It can help you figure out maybe which, professionals that you want to pursue having them with a treatment plan. So it really is very useful in navigating the other aspects of what's available to us. And like I said, I would think of it more of like we're in the driver's seat and then when we couple up with other mental health professionals that they're in the car with us and then we can make really great guided decisions that are really in our best interest and highest good.

Speaker 1: Nicole R: Okay. So you're not saying, you know, you don't need a therapist if you work with me or you should not go see a psychiatrist, you shouldn't take medications. You're not saying any of those things. It's more of working together based on what is most important and relevant for that woman.

Speaker 3: Nicole K: That's right. Yeah. And it's all unique. Like that's, that's what I believe so firmly is that there is no one specific plan for wholeness or wellness. And by clearing out our energy and getting so clear in our heart about what we need, we can get the exact help from the exact people that we know we need to get it from. So it really helps us customize the healing path. Healng, whether it's a preventative way or healing from, you know, maybe much more in a reactive way.

Speaker 1: Nicole R: Gotcha. Gotcha. Okay. So let's talk about how energy relates to pregnancy. You say that mothers change energetically throughout their pregnancy and birth and through the postpartum period. I kind of have a sense for what that means. I mean, t's certainly a transformative process. I often describe it spiritually, even in a way. So what do you mean when you say that mothers change energetically during that process?

Speaker 3: Nicole K: So I would say that probably what you're thinking about the spiritual changes that happen, they're probably what I would call energetic. So it might just be a linguistic thing, but, you know, it's like when we're going through pregnancy, we have to adapt to this whole different child that has come in, right? Like we are in our energy, literally accommodates this new being that we have accepted. And so we can't expect that we're going to be the same. And you know, we might think about some of those emotional changes that happen and yes they are certainly part of the picture, but energetically it's like there is this silent signature that has gone on between the two of you like a contract and you're acclimating to rise into that role. And you know, you may feel at times, a woman may feel at times during her pregnancy that her child, she feels really close.

Speaker 3: Nicole K: And then there may be times where she doesn't. And that's energetic changes, right. And that specifically is because the soul of the baby comes in and out. They don't stay in from my experience. They do not stay. Once they come in, they are in and out there kind of time is very different for us, where we are and where they are. So if you tend to feel those like, oh, I'm feeling so close and whole, it could be that your baby's spirit is with you. And then there's other times you're like, eh, feel not so much that's, that's a very natural and normal. So, but when we go through birth, that is such a humongous energetic change. Just that the birthing experience in and of itself, you may have heard of women like talking about how you feel like you've left, right?

Speaker 3: Nicole K: Like there's this like the gap in time and I believe it's because we are going to, we're getting the souls, like we have left our bodies to the spiritual plane and we are coming back. So I absolutely believe in doing that changing shape that that has effects on us. It's not like every day we have the opportunity to do that. You know those are like once in a lifetime, maybe five times a lifetime depending on how many babies we have, but those are certainly not the normal everyday experiences. And so when we come back, we are absolutely energetically changed. And if we go one step further through the postpartum, like that's all about acclimation, right? And so we are getting used to the new period of being this new person who is so much more full and whole and expanded. And that's part of what I believe is missing in the conversation when people talk about this post partum phase. That we have expanded energetically and spiritually so much that you may not even feel like you recognize yourself some days. And I think that some of that mislabeling is to the detriment of moms. And I think that we need support in that spiritual and energetic way. Because another thing I've seen is women after that baby comes, or even during pregnancy, psychic gifts, sometimes that mother's intuition, it will knock them over. And again, that's an energetic change. That is the fact that their soul has completed an evolution and is going further. And nobody's telling them that they're not crazy. Like, you know, it just kind of goes hush hush. It's one of those things that like women don't talk about. So I think there are many, many changes that we go through that aren't labeled properly.

Speaker 3: Nicole K: And then there's some things I think are mislabeled, but ultimately the energetic changes we go through, we really need to be tending to the energy of them and that is my hope through my work is that I can illuminate and bring light to those things. So women feel so much more at peace and they feel comfortable when they start to go through these changes and they know what to do or what not to do because some of the stuff with energy work, it's a matter of just observing and allowing yourself because sometimes fighting something like birth and we're fighting what's coming. And we're fighting those, those pressure waves and those contractions that only makes it worse. We need to give in and so render and to loudly mirroring. That happens on the spiritual plane of that stuff too.

Speaker 1: Nicole R: That's a really interesting concept. You know what you just said? That's one of the things that I say is mostly from women who are giving birth without medication is that you have to surrender to the process. And that is most certainly something that you have to do within your life, within being a mother. Fighting all of that is not helpful and it just makes things more difficult. So, I feel like you're saying things that, you know, you hear what you hear. People say things like, Oh, you're an energy coach or energy healer. And that's, you know, what people call the woo woo space. And I inhabit that woo woo space a bit. I mean, I'm a meditator. I, you know, I try to tune into my intuition, but honestly I think we physicians tune into the space more than we think and more than we acknowledge.

Speaker 1: Nicole R: We're just not as comfortable talking about it. Or we talk about it in different ways. Like, I know I have a colleague who says, you know, whenever a woman says that she doesn't feel right about her pregnancy, actually have lots of colleagues who say this that gets them to perk up. It's like they're, you know, in tune to this energy if you want to call it that something's not quite right and it makes them sort of stand up on their ears. So I think we have that, that sense that we, we actually are tuning into women's energies. Maybe we're talking about it in different ways, but this is something that's there and that we need to be embraced and bill, you know, embrace and feel comfortable with. And I also think it's interesting how you said you feel like babies bounce in and out of their body, so to speak. Souls do. One of the things that I say when a baby comes out and they aren't quite breathing right away, one of the things that I instinctively say in my mind is come on over to your body. So it's like, I think, you know, you're still on the other side. I need you to come on over and habit your body so your parents can meet you and then saying, so yeah.

Speaker 3: Nicole K: Yeah. It's a change for them too absolutely. Yes. Yes,

Speaker 1: Nicole R: For sure. So I guess I'm saying all this to say that this sort of discussion isn't as foreign or out there as we think it is. So what are ways that you think that women can communicate with their babies during pregnancy? I have a good friend who, she's a high risk doctor. She was actually on the podcast a few episodes back and she talked about how she tells her patients that this is one of the times that you will be really like the closest with your baby. You know, pregnancy than ever, you know, with the human being inside of you. So what are ways that you think that women can really communicate with their babies during pregnancy?

Speaker 3: Nicole K: I think that, the big, the big take away, if anything that's heard is that the communication is a two way road. We often think of talking to our baby more often than not. People don't think about what if my baby was talking back to me. And I think that that is where if we just open up just quietly, like if you just want to talk with your baby, you can do it, allow through your mouth or just silently as if you weren't, if you were praying, you just, you just say what's on your heart. You can be really honest and you don't have to think of your baby as a baby, as an infant who has, doesn't quite have the cognitive skills and abilities yet. You can think of them as a soul you're just honestly communicating with and just let it be really authentic and just say what you want to say and then allow yourself to pause and be quiet and then see what comes back.

Speaker 3: Nicole K: You make it, images. You make it a song. You may get a memory, you may get something that sounds like you're getting conversation going like in your head. Like as if from the, the communication coming from like quote nowhere, right? Like, well, jeez, how was I? How did I come up with that? Oh, I'm making it up. No, no, no, no, no, no. Someone was talking to you. And so there's a lot of trust so I absolutely recommend just having the conversation and see what comes back. Another way to do that is through the heart. And I believe that when we get into our heart there's like a connection line to our babies heart and we can meet in the middle too. And so if you are able to drop down into your heart, are you familiar with that in meditation?

: Nicole R: No, tell us what you mean.

: Nicole K: Yeah. So dropping into your heart space is like this softening. It's so funny cause I was talking about softening of course it seems so baby centric and the woman's body. But you just imagine even just pure imagination. If you are in an elevator and you went down from your brain down through your head cavity down your neck and your chest, and then suddenly the doors opened and it was your heart. Like you just play imagination with me and you do that, that can drop you into your heart space and it's a very, very information heavy place. And that's where you can access everything you need to know. And that's so important. So if you are in doubt and you want to talk to your baby, just imagine taking that little elevator ride to your heart space. Go in there, it might be a forest, it might be a road.

Speaker 3: Nicole K: There's no one way it could look. Go in, see if you can kind of sense like my baby here. How do I connect with my baby? Open ended questions are so perfect because the answer you get is the answer you need. Follow those little bread crumbs and it'll take you to your baby. So those are just two easy ways and it doesn't have to be difficult. Like you don't need to meditate for an hour before you can make that connection or dial like ten ten three, two, one, nothing complicated. Just allow yourself to be in that conversation and let it come back to you.

Speaker 1: Nicole R: Okay. All right. So on the flip side, well, you know, actually that kind of brought me another question. We talk about connecting through the heart with about, we also talk about connecting through the gut. Is that different or similar or like you know, your gut instinct kind of thing.

Speaker 3: Nicole K: So when we talk about like you can feel it in your gut that often is just referring to the fact that you are a person who receives energy in your body physically. And it's a very common phrase we all use. But that's kind of the actual meaning behind it. Like you feel it in your gut, you have that feeling, that knowing, essentially sometimes you just know what you know and there is no reason or rationale for it. But it's really interesting that they say that you know, that the, the gut and the brain are actually connected and they very much so are. And spirituality is finally meeting on that. And so, it's really interesting when we say that because it's like, so something in your brain is essentially activated and then you need to figure out, okay, is that truth or is that something that like, is that ego coming in? So that's why I think it's important when we talk about the heart so that you can take like a gut hit, you get like, you know, something in your gut, take it to your heart. Is this what I need to know? Is this the information I need to act on?

Speaker 1: Nicole R: Gotcha. So the heart is kind of like, I don't, I don't want to say reality check or just like a, not even a checks and balances. Let me see. What am I trying to say here? The heart is just kind of the follow up what you, what you feel in your gut so to say?

Speaker 3: Nicole K: Yes. Yeah, I believe so. Yeah.

Speaker 1: Nicole R: Okay. Okay. So what are things that we can do to shield ourselves and our baby or once they're out, children from negative energy?

Speaker 3: Nicole K: Yeah, this is a big one and we all need to do this because, um, especially when we are pregnant, we can trigger people so they can remember their own instances of trauma and just start like laying in and on us as a pregnant woman that you didn't ask for it. Right. And that's not fair. So it's really important that you can do this. You can either set an umbrella intention of like an umbrella insurance policy. Ask your angels or your guides or God or love, whatever you use, ask them just to simply protect you. Another thing you can do is use visuals. So when I was pregnant, I always envisioned myself in a rod iron cage and it was like a fence in front of me. Like nothing was getting through to this baby. You know, this kind of thing that feel really natural.

Speaker 3: Nicole K: So, you know, you may not have a fence, you might have like some wooden doors, I don't know whatever works for you. But simple intention, will go so far. And you know, it's even the practical advice of if you know a situation is going to be a little hot when you go in, if you can avoid it, try to avoid it because that negative energy for you and your baby, whether they're in your body or out of your body, that's just not good stuff. And, these babies that are coming are really, really very sensitive energetically. So we need to be extra protective of them and be extremely mindful, but a good umbrella policy will get you pretty far. You just want to go to the basics.

Speaker 1: Nicole R: Okay. So just ask God or your angels or whatever you believe. Just ask for protection first off from negative energy. And that to me is kinda like maybe prayer if, you know, people with with with call it that. And then that visualization piece, that's actually something that I've talked about for birth in terms o,f I have a online childbirth education class and visualization and visualizing how your birth will go is something that I talk about. Visualization is something that elite athletes use, high performance people use. So really it's just a different way of visualizing blocking that negative energy. So you're better able to do that. Is that fair to say?

Speaker 3: Nicole K: That is so right. And energy responds to imagery and that's why it's highly effective. That's exactly right.

Speaker 1: Nicole R: Okay. All right. Awesome. Now another thing you talk about is being mindful of the in our homes. And this is important. I feel like your home is the place that you know it surrounds you. It helps set the tone. You want it to be a place that, that rises up to greet you. I think that's something that Oprah Winfrey said about her home. Her home rises up to greet her as she comes in and makes her feel welcome. So what are things that we can do to make the energy in our homes an energetically nurturing space?

Speaker 3: Nicole K: The very first thing is just be extremely mindful of what spaces feel really great versus those that are even bad. Like, I'm not even talking bad, like learn to distinguish the difference between, oh I love the way my kitchen makes me feel versus oh this living room just, there's just something about, doesn't feel bad, but it just doesn't feel right. So having mindfulness so that you'll be able to know what rooms you can actually put some effort into if you wish to improve the energetics of that space. But you can do it through a physical means of being really mindful of the fabrics that are chosen. I do baby readings as well and I one time had a baby that was requesting an incredibly soft blanket for it's arrival. So I know that textiles, while you know, we always think they always want to softly envelop our babies when they come out.

Speaker 3: Nicole K: Like it's an actual real thing for them. It's very important. It kind of keeps their, their energy systems like running in zen, you know, so we'd be mindful the fabrics that you choose and be mindful of the noise in the space. And some babies, and this is not to say that babies one, a complete sterile environment and like please don't, don't take me on that. We really want to be able to get in tune with what our babies like. And that's really the most important part that when we're in tune we can notice what fabrics they like, what kind of lighting feels good for now. What are the sounds, what are, maybe there's certain rooms that just seem to really suit them. So we can do things very physically in that way. And then if you want to go a couple steps further, you can do things like getting a smudge stick and you could simply decide an intention or say a prayer for your home. Open the windows. So that negative energy has a way to get out, you can like that and just take it room to room and just ask that. Something as simple as, I cleared this space in the name of having a happy, healthy family and ask for any and all angels to assist me in clearing out negative energy. And that's, that's all you need to do with me. Really, really easy. Yeah, and people will use crystals and oils and there's all sorts of things, but those are just some really easy things that I think that are very practical. And then the smudge stick isn't a big deal. A lot of grocery stores carry those now.

: Nicole R: Okay. You said a sponge stick?

: Nicole K: Smudge.

: Nicole R: SMUDGE, stick. Okay. Sorry.

: Nicole K: Sage.

: Nicole R: Oh, okay. Okay. Got It. Got It. Okay. All right. And it sounds like part of that you're saying is kinda trust your intuition and a sense. So if you get a feeling that something feels good or doesn't feel good, then pay attention to that.

: Nicole K: Absolutely.

: Nicole R: Yeah. Yeah. Okay. All right. So do you have any books or resources that you recommend for women if they're trying to help improve their energy?

Speaker 3: Nicole K: You know, it's funny, it's one of these things where you need to follow the breadcrumbs that show up for you. Like the books that I read in my early twenties, like they wouldn't serve me in the same way they served me now as I'm getting into motherhood. And it's really important that you honor those nudges. Even if you think they feel kind of silly, like Google searches, like we know they can take you down a rabbit hole and you might just end up on the very right most perfect website with a book on it. So I can't say that there's like any one specific, it's just a matter of finding things that feel really good. And you know, just like with all professions, there are really great energy workers and healers and then there are bad ones. So that's why you want to be super in tune and use your intuition and your heart to know which one is right for me. And I think that the really beautiful part is that you don't have to study this stuff. You don't have to have textbook knowledge about energy and the quantum physics behind it and all this stuff for it to be effective. Yeah, I think it's as simple as that. Just follow your intuition. Every woman's different. She's in a different place than the next woman beside her. You know, just allow yourself to, to pick the ones that feel right for you.

Speaker 1: Nicole R: Gotcha. And you have that intuition and that power within yourself to do that.

Speaker 3: Nicole K: Every single person does. Everybody does.

Speaker 1: Nicole R: Yeah. I think a lot of women don't believe that they do.

Speaker 3: Nicole K: Yeah. And that's one of those things that I want women to feel empowered because they do, everybody, you know, it's like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Like, you know, she's trying to get home and that's what we're all trying to do and it's the matter of we get home because we can follow that intuition. No one knows anything more than you do for yourself and your baby. You know, if we need to think about people as like consultants in our lives and we need to take the information they give us and study it and really compare it up against with, okay, well what do I think I need? What do I think is the next step? And then using a bad information to keep propelling and, and moving forward.

Speaker 1: Nicole R: Got It. Okay. So what would you say is the most rewarding part of your work?

Speaker 3: Nicole K: Hands down when I get like this super chilling emails from women that are like, oh my God, I just had this crazy intense experience. Nobody will believe it. But you, and then they like, we'll write down like four paragraphs of what has happened in their energy clearing session. And it's really those like goosebumpy emails that I love the most. And that for me is like the highest high I could possibly get from working with other moms when they find their pieces of them and they're celebrating and sometimes they're not even sure, they're like, this happened. What is it? Like you just landed on something that was so huge and they don't yet recognize. So, I love to see that self empowerment happening so amazing.

Speaker 1: Nicole R: And you work with moms at what point? Like during pregnancy or after pregnancy? Like when, at what point do you work with moms?

Speaker 3: Nicole K: So the, the main answer is women will benefit from my work the most when they're a year out from having their baby. There's something energetically that happens around that one year mark of that first birthday where mom seems to kind of have a little more separation from child. And that allows her to really kind of step into the finding more of herself because her resources aren't so tied up in and holding in nurture. I mean, we constantly are nurturing her babies. Like, you know what I'm saying? There's this energetic shift that seems to be happening on that one year mark, it happened for me and it's happened for some other lungs. So I'm pretty confident to say that once you get around that one year mark, there's some time for you. There's some space for you both in your head and your heart. That's when a lot of benefit can happen. My other work as a, as a medium is that I do baby readings for moms who their baby didn't come full earth side. So for moms and have had a loss. I can work with them when they're kind of going through that grieving process or even later, you know, like whenever they're ready for it. But, so I do also work with women that are not currently with child or in the postpartum period of life.

Speaker 1: Nicole R: Okay, got it. Now, what is the most frustrating part of your work?

Speaker 3: Nicole K: It's probably the waiting, right? Like I'm, I wait for those emails. I'm waiting for the change because I know what's coming. And, sometimes it's like Christmas Eve waiting for Santa and you just know that something amazing is going to unfold for them and you don't know what it is, but that magic always unfolds and it's just so fun to witness.

Speaker 1: Nicole R: Okay. So just a last couple questions. What do you really, really passionate about when it comes to working with women? I mean, you talked about a few things, but is there that one thing that really just gets you going,

Speaker 3: Nicole K: It's being their own power hands down. I hate saying when they get their power up to people around them, whether it's a professional team that they've hired or if it's a family or you know, in a situation where they're depending on people for answers. I want women to realize that the answers are within them. We use other people to help us get there, but the answers are always within ourselves.

Speaker 1: Nicole R: Hmm. That is very true. I agree with that. Now how have your personal experiences, you said you're a mom. How has that influenced your work?

Speaker 3: Nicole K: Majorly. Right around the time when my little guy turned a year old. Now I was an energy healer, professionally before I was pregnant. So I had a different view of pregnancy, in full disclosure. But when he turned about a year old, I started hitting this wall and I was like, I need something. I need something. I don't know what it is. I started having experiences where like in two days I hit my hands four different times. Like once I crushed it, my garage, like really strange incidences. I didn't feel like I was in my body. I felt detached. I was like, what is going on? But when I figured out was that I had a huge backlog of energy, even though I was an extremely mindful person about my energy as a healer and someone in the profession, I didn't realize that like I had this big old full container that I needed to deal with. And so that experience took me about 16 months to work through working on myself very vigorously and also with another professional healer. But what came out of that is the energy process that I now share with other moms. So my life and my work are so intertwined and the energy work, the protocol that I have, I use it like I use it as maintenance. I am not like a one and done kind of girl. So being a mom has informed so much of who I am and where this work is going.

Speaker 1: Nicole R: Okay. So do you mind giving us like a little bit of an overview, obviously you don't have to give away all the details, but what is an overview of the protocol that you use with women?

Speaker 3: Nicole K: Sure. So, there are about seven steps if I were to nail it out. But here, the very first one is that we call in our own energy and give back what isn't ours. So we collect energy all the time from all sorts of people and all sorts of places. It's not ours, right? Like how many times do you feel bad about something that happened? But then you're like, oh, this isn't even mine to worry about? That's the kind of stuff I'm talking about. We give that back and then we call in what's ours? Because it's scattered everywhere and gosh, darn it, we deserve to have all of our full selves with us. And so that's the really big important first step after we do them, we do some grounding and we go down to the center of the earth and we get some healing from that, which is always amazing.

Speaker 3: Nicole K: And then, we go to the furthest edges of the universe for expansion. And that's what's kind of that, that's one of the cool things about this protocol is most people, energy healers out there are not doing both. So you might find a meditation that focuses on expanding your energy and going out further and allowing yourself to be more of who you are. You are, but there's not the counter. So in Yoga, you know how we had the stretch, the counter stretch, it's kind of like that in the energy practice. Like we go down, we ground and then we expand. So it's beautiful. Yeah, I love that. And then we do some chakra healing and then there is a point where I lead you to take the stuff that you have that's bothering you and bring it up for some energetic healing. And I walk you through it. It's very easy, but it's something that, you know, my list of things is going to be so different than yours, Nicole. And that'll be so different than, you know, Joe Schmoe's wife down the street. So it becomes very personal. It's a very generic protocol. But boy does it get personal because we are bringing our own stuff.

: Nicole R: Okay, well it's, you know, I just sit here listening to you talk and I feel like what your saying, I'm kinda going back to is just really not like it's out there as people think and we probably should be open to different sorts of ways of kind of helping and healing ourselves. And it doesn't have to be one way versus another. Many things can work together to help you be your best version of yourself.

Speaker 3: Nicole K: Amen. That's, yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Yup.

Speaker 1: Nicole R: So let's, what is the one piece of advice, if you had to narrow it down to one piece of advice that you would give to expect in moms?

Speaker 3: Nicole K: One piece I would say yes, to consult your own heart above all else and use everything as pieces of information for consideration. So then at the end of the day you're making decisions from your own heart that are made in a way that feels really good and aligned for you or your family. We don't want to make decisions that are made out of fear, um, because we're not confident in what they're saying. But when we go back to her heart, you know, we can deal with hard things with our hearts and that that's the beauty of using the heart. Like we can use it to consult for small stuff and we can use it for big stock and we can get through life's biggest worries and challenges by getting to our heart. And that is like, that's kinda like where the decision making should be happening. Everything else is just information for consideration in my mind.

Speaker 1: Nicole R: Okay. Got It. So where can people find you if they're interested in learning more about you and what you do?

Speaker 3: Nicole K: You can find me at my website, www.nicolekaron.com. And there you can even grab a free copy of the process we just, we just talked about and just discussed. You can get the pdf so you can like chew on that, you can read it, try it out. That's available in there too if you'd like to take that.

Speaker 1: Nicole R: Awesome. And we will link to that in the show notes everybody. So thank you so much for being here. This is a really very interesting, informative conversation. I know a little bit out there, but I think some, really helpful and useful information when you sit back and really sit with it.

Speaker 3: Nicole K: Great. Thank you so much Nicole. I appreciate it, it was great to be here.

Speaker 1: Nicole R: Yeah. All right, well take care. I'll talk to you later. So what do you think? I thought that that was a really great episode with lots of useful information. So after every episode, you know, I do something called Nicole's notes where I talk about my top three or four takeaways whenever I have a guest on. So let me give you my notes for today's episode.

: Nicole R: Number one, pregnancy and motherhood will change more than just your body. It changes who you are and we don't address that well or even at all in traditional medical care. But I want you to be aware that that change and that shift is coming. So find a way to reconcile that for yourself. Every woman is going to deal with it a little bit differently, but know that you are going to experience changes that are deeper than just a physical change.

Speaker 1: Nicole R: Number two, and I really like this one, avoid negative energy during that pregnancy. One thing Nicole talked about that I thought was very insightful is that pregnant women can often be a trigger for people laying their bad energy onto you. And that can come out in the form of unsolicited by commentary about what you're doing, where people are kind of projecting their negative energy and experiences on to you as a pregnant woman. Don't be afraid to put a shield up. Block that stuff out, avoid that negative energy, figure out a way to to keep that negative energy from invading your space and your baby space. We know that stress has a negative influence on pregnancy and this negative energy can kind of increase your stress, so I think it's important that you really block and avoid that negative energy using some of the techniques that Nicole talked about.

Speaker 1: Nicole R: Number three, you want to learn how to be in tune with your intuition and really trusting yourself. That's not something that's just important during pregnancy is really important throughout your life. It takes time to develop. That skill is something that I feel like I'm getting better at and feeling much more comfortable with. Now, I call it my inner guidance from God. You may call it spiritual guidance or guidance from the universe or whatever you want to call it, but being in tune with your intuition and learning how to trust yourself will serve you well throughout your pregnancy and throughout your life. It's a skill and it takes time to develop because there's a lot of noisy chatter in our heads that isn't necessarily helpful. But when you can get quiet and really focus and listen to your inner voice again, it's something you will not regret and it will help you throughout your life. Meditation, again, as a big thing to help you with that.

: Nicole R: And then number four is I am about research and science for sure. I did a two year research fellowship. I always try to present information that's backed by research and science, but not everything can be explained by traditional research and science. We just don't necessarily have the tools available to capture the meaning and importance of some of these things in that, again, woo woo space, but I want you to know that there is room for both to exist where you can believe in research and science and pull some of those things that we can't quite quantify with research and science. You can marry those things together in your life and I think actually that's the best way to approach it. I see some people who are on both extremes where they're like, I just believe in research and science. If you can't, you know, point to a study, then I'm not going to believe it. And then I see people on the other side who are like, well, I'm not going to believe anything about research and science because it doesn't incorporate some of these other principles that are important to me. But Nicole talked about how there is room for both. You can do things like she does like this energy work and go see a psychiatrist or a therapist or a counselor or or be on medication so you can find a way to marry those things in your life in a way that works for you. There is room for both. There needs to be room for both to exist in your life, I think for you to be healthy and thriving.

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