Ep 45: Advocating for Your Birth Wishes During a Long Unmedicated Hospital Birth

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Lynn Turcotte-Schuh

We have another birth story on today's episode of the podcast, and I'm so excited to share this one with you. 

Lynn Turcotte-Schuh was a marine mammal trainer before she gave birth to her daughter, which inspired her to become a Certified Childbirth Educator, Toddler Trainer, and coach of other moms through her practice Happy Mama Wellness.

Lynn originally wanted to have a home birth, but after discussing it with her wife, they decided that giving birth in the hospital while creating a relaxing, supportive, home-birth-like environment was right for them. Lynn had a 53-hour labor, during which she, her wife, and her midwife were able to advocate for Lynn's ideal birth. 

Lynn and I chat about her birth story on this episode, including why she didn't want to be hooked up to any machines or use any medication during her birth. We also talk about how she and her wife educated and prepared themselves for the birth, what she might have done differently, and why she now loves helping other moms create a holistic pregnancy and birth experience.

In this Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • How Lynn decided that she wanted to work primarily with a midwife
  • What she and her wife did to prepare themselves for the birth of their daughter
  • Why Lynn originally wanted to have a home birth, but switched to a hospital birth
  • How a doula or midwife can help you advocate for your unique birth plan in the hospital
  • Why it's so important and empowering to educate yourself before birth
  • How Lynn turned her good birth experience into a whole new career
  • Lynn's top two recommendations for feeling supported during pregnancy and birth

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