Ep 67: Having a Planned Cesarean Birth and What to Know About C-Sections

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Planned Cesarean births (or C-sections) don't get talked about much, but I think it's important for every parent to know what a C-section entails and how to be ready for it. Even if you want to have a vaginal delivery, you should listen to this episode - birth is unpredictable and the reality is that you may need to have a C-section to safely deliver your baby. We usually can’t tell ahead of time who will need a c-section, so it's better to have all the information you need just in case!

There are several reasons why an expecting mom might have a planned C-section, and in this episode I'm talking about five of them - elective repeat C-sections, breech babies, multiple babies, indicated repeat C-sections, and placenta previa. I also share when each of these planned C-sections typically occur during pregnancy and walk you through the pre-op process, the operation itself, and what post-op care looks like. You’ll also learn about family centered cesarean and how to make the experience the best it can be for you and your baby.

And finally I talk a little bit about why it's perfectly fine if you choose to have an elective planned C-section and skip vaginal birth all together, as well as why it's okay to be upset if you needed to have a C-section that you weren't planning on.

In this Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • Why planned C-sections are often left out when we talk about birth and delivery.
  • Why all parents should know what C-sections entail.
  • The most common reasons for planned C-sections and when they will be scheduled in your pregnancy.
  • Why your planned C-section might not happen right on time.
  • What to expect in the lead-up to your C-section and what the day of your delivery will look and feel like.
  • Things you should ask before your planned C-section and how to advocate for yourself and your baby on the day of.

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