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Ashley James focuses on naturopathic medicine, but she is open to bringing her podcast listeners the best information, no matter the source! Here is a link to our episode and below is Ashley’s take on our chat. Head over to her website and check out her show (a New and Noteworthy podcast in iTunes)! Enjoy!

Who can help you achieve your health goals?

Dr Nicole Rankins joins us today to discuss what an integrative health coach is, how to find the right one for you and when to see one.

What is the difference between seeing a doctor and a health coach? Everyone knows the obvious differences like diagnostics and prescriptive rights. What about results? What kind of long term health results can one achieve with a health coach that they couldn’t with an average doctor? Is there a time when seeing a health coach can lead to better results or is seeing a doctor your only best option?

The best person to answer this question would be a doctor who became a health coach! Nicole Calloway Rankins, MD, MPH is a physician (OB/GYN), and integrative health coach.

She has a strong background in women’s health. As an OB/GYN hospitalist, she is passionate about making sure mom feels heard, honored and respected while she goes through the most significate time in her life.

In our interview, Dr Nicole Rankins also shares her unique perspective, as an MD with a scientific background in research and her passion for holistic health as an Integrative Health Coach. Above all, when she works with her clients as an Integrative Health Coach she is looking to make sure they feel fully supported and empowered to achieve their health goals.

After several years of practicing medicine and engaging in clinical research, Nicole became frustrated that she could make recommendations to improve the health of her patients, but due to lack of time and training, was not actually helping women implement those recommendations into their busy lives.

She also came to appreciate that health is much more than what happens in the doctor’s office. She understands that to be truly healthy and well, an integrative approach is needed that considers how emotional, social, environmental, spiritual, and physical health interact.

In support of this whole-person approach to health, Dr Nicole Rankins completed a science grounded and evidence-based training program in integrative health coaching at Duke Integrative Medicine.

best health and wellness

She now helps women reach their best health and wellness through both her health coaching practice and her work as an OB/GYN hospitalist.

As an integrative health coach, she is an advocate, collaborator, accountability partner and trusted confidant in helping women reach their health goals like losing weight, eating better, exercising more or reducing stress.

As an OB/GYN hospitalist, she specializes in the care of hospitalized women, where most of her work is helping ensure women have a safe, enjoyable, and fulfilling experience during labor and delivery.

“As an integrative health coach, I am most passionate about helping women understand what integrative health coaching is and how it can be a tremendous help in achieving and sustaining behavior change to improve health. The key is that it utilizes a whole person approach to health and it is individualized to fit each woman’s unique life circumstances.

Regarding my practice as an OB/GYN hospitalist, I am most passionate about discussing tips for women to have a safe and fulfilling experience while giving birth.”

NCRCoaching.com – Contact Nicole to ask about the large discount she is offering Learn True Health listeners for her excellent health coaching package.

in our interview nicole teaches 3 keys to health

  • Connect your health goals to what you truly value. When you do that it is easier to accomplish the goal.
  • Understand that you will probably have setbacks. Be prepared that it will happen, forgive yourself and get back in the game.
  • Meditate. This simple activity has so many benefits – reducing stress, anxiety, pain, and depression; and increases your compassion, self-control, focus, and memory

five books that dr. nicole rankins recommends

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