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I had a magnificent time talking to Leslie and Tesi, from The Mama Bear Dares Podcast. You will not regret taking a moment to check out their show (a New and Noteworthy podcast in iTunes)!

Here's a link to our episode and below is their synopsis of our chat. Enjoy!

On Episode 70 of the Mama Bear Dares podcast, Tesi and Leslie talk to OB-GYN and health coach Nicole Rankins about pregnancy, birth, and the long road of taking good care of ourselves throughout the many stages of life. The women dive into the state of healthcare in the United States of America and grasp a practical understanding of the nuances through Nicole’s experience and examples. The three spend the hour discussing they why and how of healthcare and learn from Dr. Rankins as she advocates for women becoming the expert on their own lives.

Also discussed in the podcast:

  • Pregnancy—managing expectations, preparing your metaphorical “birthing toolbox,” cord clamping, and why the miracle of childbirth never gets old
  • Integrative health coaching—what it is and how you might benefit
  • Self care IS health care—being your own advocate, getting to know your body and its needs, practicing meditation, and the importance of asking for help

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