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Your place for supportive, evidence-based information from a board certified, practicing OB/GYN. Learn from me, innovative experts, and birth stories of strength and resilience from parents experiencing the same overwhelm and excitement as you.

Your place for supportive evidence-based information from a practicing OB/GYN and other innovative experts. Hear stories of strength and resilience from parents and moms-to-be experiencing the same overwhelm and excitement as you.

Top 50 parenting podcast with over 1.5 million downloads!

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Latest Episodes & Show Notes

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Ep 221: Healing Through Birth Story Medicine with Amelia Kriss
Ep 220: Amber’s Birth Story – A Rushed Labor and a Quick Birth

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Women learn from the stories of other women. On the All About Pregnancy & Birth podcast, my goal is to share stories about giving birth in the hospital from a diverse group of women.

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 Do you have evidence-based, well-researched information you'd love to share to help pregnant women? I'm looking for guests who can have interesting, thought provoking, informative conversations. “Outside of the box” topics are welcome.

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