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I had such an awesome time talking with Sara Dean, creator of The Shameless Mom Academy Podcast. You should definitely take a moment and check out her show (a New and Noteworthy podcast in iTunes)!

Here's a link to our episode and below is Sara's synopsis of our chat. Enjoy!

56: Nicole Rankins: OBGYN Integrative Health Coach

I had the pleasure of interviewing Nicole Calloway Rankins.  Nicole is a wife, mother, physician (ob/gyn), and integrative health coach.  Nicole juggles many important roles in her life.  When she’s not working nights as a Labor & Delivery doctor, she’s working with her integrative health coaching clients.  In between those two jobs, she’s taking care of her family.

I was excited to talk to Nicole about life as an OBGYN.  I imagine there is a lot to love – so many babies!  I also wanted to hear about the not so lovely side of her work.  She shared openly about loss, sadness, and poop.

In addition to sharing about her work as an OBGYN, Nicole opened up about her own birth experiences with her two daughters – the trauma of her first birth and the regret of her second one.  I appreciate all she had to share here.  Birth is a big deal and I love to hear women sharing their stories openly, so we can all learn and grow from each other’s experiences.

Nicole’s role as an integrative health coach really fired me up.  She gets to assist women all over the country who are really struggling with things like weight loss, nutrition, stress and spend the necessary amount of time with them to make a difference.  She helps women create goals and map out a plan.  She walks with her patients step by step, week by week.  This is a really amazing job, much broader than a traditional doctor role.  I love that Nicole is bridging the gap between medicine and wellness to help so many women.

Make sure to listen in to hear Nicole’s story and learn how she might be able to help you or other women you know.


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